lunedì 28 gennaio 2013

He was born in Cassino in 1980, and began his training at the Art School of Cassino, showing immediately the interest in the arts and in particular for the plastics.
In 2001 he joined the Faculty of Architecture "Valle Giulia", at the 'University of Rome Sapienza, earning a bachelor's degree in 2009 in Architectural Restoration and Urban Renewal, with the Prof. Giovanni CARBONARA. At the same time, since the beginning of the academic career, he collaborated with various technical studies, building on his knowledge through the experience in the field. The collaboration with the Studio GIACOMO BIANCHI & PARTNERS ARCHITECT  in Cassino, took him to take care of the design and construction process of various activities, food and no-food.
Later he was appointed as Technical Director at Construction Enterprises called EDILCM, situated in Ceccano (FR), as responsible for certifying Italsoa OG2, for restoration of buildings of artistic and architectural interest, dealing with the architectural design of residential, public and tenders.

He founded in 2009 the Study of Architecture ANDREA D'Aguanno, continuing his career independently, and specializing his studies on architectural design of housing, activities, applying in different contexts technological innovations to save energy (photovoltaic and radiant floors).


THE MY STUDIO....NOW.....2013


THE MY STUDIO............WORK IN PROGRESS.....2008/2009